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Soul Knight Prequel
Lunar New Year Event

Lunar New Year Event

The Soul Knight Prequel is ringing in the Lunar New Year with a seasonal in-game event. From February 5th to the 25th, players can participate in festivities and unlock red-themed rewards.

Decorate for the Occasion

During the event, special decoration items will spawn in maps. Players can pick them up to exchange for Juice Farm cards. Use the cards to unlock more decoration items, red envelopes stuffed with in-game currency, and the limited Nian skin.

Battle the Boss Nian

A fearsome boss named Nian will also appear on the Forest of Tranquility map on Heroic difficulty. According to legend, Nian was afraid of loud noises and the color red. Working together, players can use fireworks to destroy Nian’s shields and defeat it to earn exclusive loot.

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Rewards for Celebration

Lunar New Year
Rewards for Celebration

After conquering the boss, players will receive a Nian Crossbow weapon and matching outfit. The crossbow creates bursting fireworks effects when defeating enemies, dealing random elemental damage. Additional red equipment is also available for the duration of the festivities.

Bring Color to the Village

Lunar New Year

Not only can users decorate their farm with red items, but fireworks will sparkle over the main village as well. Interacting with them triggers bonus effects too. With colorful skins, explosives, and co-op boss battles, Soul Knight Prequel transforms into a rich Oriental wonderland for its Lunar New Year tribute.


The Lunar New Year event in Soul Knight Prequel offers players an immersive and exciting celebration filled with themed decorations, exclusive rewards, and challenging gameplay elements.

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1. When does the Lunar New Year event start and end?

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The Lunar New Year event in Soul Knight Prequel begins on February 5th at 10AM GMT+8 and concludes on February 25th.

2. What can players unlock during the event?

Players can earn special red envelopes with currency, the limited Nian skin, Juice Farm cards to exchange for decorations, and red-themed weapons like the Nian Crossbow by participating in the Lunar New Year event.

3. How do you get the Nian Crossbow? 

The Nian Crossbow is a reward for defeating the boss Nian on the Forest of Tranquility map during the event timeframe. You must be playing on Heroic difficulty to encounter Nian.

4. What is the boss Nian weak to?

According to folklore, Nian was afraid of loud noises and the color red. In the game, you can destroy Nian’s shields by lighting fireworks.

5. Can I still get the Nian items after the event ends?

No, the special Nian cosmetic skin, crossbow, outfits, and other red-themed decorations are only available for the duration of the Lunar New Year event.

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6. Is there a co-op for the Nian boss fight?

Yes, co-op is enabled for the Nian boss battle. Fighting together gives you a 100% chance to encounter the Nian boss.

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