Soul Knight Prequel S2: New Mechacrisis Hotfix Update, Bug Fixes, Optimization and More

Soul Knight Prequel S2: Mechacrisis Hotfix

Mechacrisis Hotfix
Soul Knight Prequel S2: Mechacrisis Hotfix

The Soul Knight Prequel S2 Mechacrisis update is still going strong, but this time it’s all about fixing some bugs that some players found in the game. This update, arriving on April 30th at 11:00 PM PST (UTC+8), will be applied automatically. While there aren’t any new maps, characters, or skills in this update, it will make your Mechacrisis experience smoother! Let’s see what gets fixed!

Bug Fixes on April 30th Hotfix:

  • Gear Up Without Fear: A critical fix ensures your equipment no longer vanishes after cybermodding.
  • Farewell, Undying Bosses: A bug preventing bosses from being defeated at zero health has been squashed. Now, claim your victories with confidence!
  • Voidfarer’s Gaze Shines Bright: Functionality conflicts with the Twin Novae Fatebound have been resolved for the Gaze of the Abyss skill.
  • Skill Fix Frenzy: Specific skill bugs like Elementalist’s Apophis Impact are addressed, ensuring smooth skill execution.
  • Missing Equipment Levels Restored: Your hard-earned loot will display its proper level in all dungeons after this fix.
  • Conversion Skills Functioning Properly: Conversion skills like Stormwrought and Blazing Alacrity will operate at peak performance.
  • Mirror Mimicry Chip Polished: Issues with the chip’s projection and skill casting bugs for Druid and Aegis have been rectified.
  • Character Creation Made Easy: Creating a Herbalist character and tracking progress for permanent characters is now streamlined.
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Bug Fixes on April 29th Hotfix:

  • Reward Claim Issues Resolved: You can now claim rewards without any problems.
  • Missing Skill Points and Descriptions Found: Skill points and descriptions are back in their rightful place.
  • Equipment Loss and Visual Errors Eradicated: Enjoy a bug-free experience with your equipment.
  • Seasonal Character Bugs Squashed: Play smoothly with your seasonal characters.
  • Soul Knight Crossover Mission Functioning Correctly: Complete the mission without any hiccups.
  • Tutorial Projection Dungeon Issues Addressed: The tutorial dungeon now functions as intended.
  • Overall Gameplay Stability and Optimization: The Soul Knight Prequel team has been working hard to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Bug Fixes on April 28th Hotfix:

  • Missing Novice Quest Rewards Fixed: You’ll receive your rewards after completing novice quests.
  • Dreadknight Skill Issues Resolved: Missing skill points, descriptions, and functionality issues for Dreadknight’s Bloodcurdling Roar, Dark Maelstrom, and Dark Covenant skills are addressed.
  • Basement Equipment Loss Prevented: Equipment exchanged with the dummy in the Basement will no longer disappear after logging back in.
  • Abnormal Enemy Health Bars Eradicated: Enemy health bars in the Proving Grounds now display correctly.
  • Conversion Stat Display Errors Fixed: Visual errors related to conversion stats have been rectified.
  • Soul Knight Crossover Mission Completion Bug Squashed: The mission now displays as complete after finishing it.
  • Tutorial Projection Dungeon Boss Bug Fixed: VarE will no longer disappear in the boss floor of the tutorial projection dungeon (Bulrush Marshes).
  • Dark Ranger’s Astral Pulse Fixed: Visual effects and casting position errors for the Astral Pulse skill have been addressed.
  • Cybermod Quest Reward Issues Resolved: You can now claim rewards after completing the cybermod quest of Initiate’s Challenge.
  • Non-Seasonal Equipment Misuse Prevented: Pure seasonal characters can no longer wear non-seasonal equipment.
  • Elementalist Crash Bug Fixed: The game will no longer crash when the Elementalist uses the Dipole Discharge skill.
  • Seasonal Character Storage Chest Exploit Fixed: Players can no longer take out permanent equipment from the Storage Chest and have them recycled by Tristan as a pure seasonal character.
  • Overflow Text Addressed: Overflowing text issues in some languages have been fixed.
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  • Smoother Mail Delivery: Soul knight Prequel developers optimized your interactions with the Mail Guy, ensuring faster and more responsive exchanges for in-game messages and rewards.
  • Clearer Character Creation: The text displayed while creating a new character has been optimized, making descriptions of classes, skills, and other information easier to read.
  • Welcome, new adventurers! The tutorial projection dungeon (Bulrush Marshes) has seen a difficulty reduction, providing a smoother learning curve for players just starting their Soul Knight Prequel journey.

These are just some of the many fixes included in this hotfix. For a complete list, be sure to check out the official Soul Knight Prequel patch notes.

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  1. When is the Mechacrisis hotfix coming out?
  • The Mechacrisis hotfix will be applied automatically on April 30th at 11:00 PM PST (UTC+8).
  1. Does the hotfix add any new content like maps, characters, or skills?
  • No, the Mechacrisis hotfix focuses on fixing existing bugs and doesn’t introduce any new content. You’ll still have access to all the features and content introduced in the Mechacrisis update.
  1. Will the hotfix affect my current progress in the game?
  • No, the hotfix shouldn’t affect your current progress in the game. It’s designed to improve the overall gameplay experience without impacting your existing save data.
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