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Soul Knight Prequel
The Latest New Card Farming Trick You Should Know.

New Card Farming

In the early seasons of Soul Knight Prequel, players often find themselves in a predicament, lacking sufficient fruits for various in-game activities. Whether it’s planting plants, making juice, or engaging in card farming, the scarcity of fruits can be quite frustrating. However, fear not, for there’s a new trick that promises to enhance your card-farming experience significantly!

Understanding the Challenge

Card Farming
Time Constraints

Limited Fruits

During the initial stages of the game, players are usually strapped for fruits, hindering their ability to engage in various activities effectively.

Time Constraints

Card farming, an essential aspect of progression in Soul Knight Prequel, is restricted to short intervals, typically lasting only 15 minutes.

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The Trick Unveiled

Discovering Fatebounds

To begin with, players need to locate four specific fatebounds, crucial for executing the farming trick. These fatebounds can be found on two specific maps within the game.

Helxar Infusion

Helxar Infusion

Once in possession of the fatebounds, players must proceed to Helxar Infusion, where the fatebound by Helxar Touched resides. This particular fatebound is categorized as a level 2 fatebound with debuff attributes.

Activating Fatebound

Activating Fatebound

Upon acquiring the necessary fatebounds, players are advised to equip weak equipment to activate them effectively. This step is pivotal as it enhances the effectiveness of juice production, extending its duration from the standard 15 minutes to an impressive 45 minutes.

Restoring Main Equipment

Once the fatebounds are activated and juice production is optimized, players can revert to their main equipment without compromising the efficiency of the farming process.

Benefits of the Trick

Extended Farming Time

Extended Farming Time

By implementing this trick, players can significantly prolong their card farming sessions, thereby maximizing their productivity within the game.

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Resource Conservation

Furthermore, the extended farming time facilitated by this trick contributes to conserving fruits, ensuring players can engage in other in-game activities without constantly worrying about fruit shortages.

Reference: TigerSoul YouTube


The new card farming trick in Soul Knight Prequel offers players a practical solution to overcome the challenges posed by limited fruits and time constraints. By strategically utilizing fatebounds and optimizing juice production, players can enhance their farming efficiency and enjoy a more fulfilling gaming experience.

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1. Can this trick be applied in any season of Soul Knight Prequel?

Yes, this trick can be utilized in any season of Soul Knight Prequel to optimize card farming sessions.

2. Are there any specific maps where players can find the required fatebounds?

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Yes, players can find the fatebounds on two specific maps within the game, enhancing their accessibility.

3. Will activating fatebounds affect other in-game activities?

No, activating fatebounds is a temporary process that specifically enhances juice production for card farming without impacting other activities.

4. Can players revert to their main equipment once fatebounds are activated?

Yes, players can safely switch back to their main equipment after activating fatebounds without any adverse effects on the farming process.

5. Is this trick suitable for all players, regardless of their level or progress in the game?

Yes, this trick is beneficial for all players, irrespective of their level or progress, as it offers a practical solution to overcome common challenges in Soul Knight Prequel.

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