Soul Knight Prequel | Shinobi Skill Showcase (Animancer and Thief)

Shinobi Skill
Shinobi Skill Showcase (Animancer and Thief)

Soul Knight Prequel , the popular action-packed game, introduces the Shinobi class, a captivating hybrid of Animancer and Thief. This unique combination brings forth a set of skills that redefine combat strategies in the game.

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Shinobi Skill: A Hybrid of Animancer and Thief

Shinobi Skill
Shinobi Class: A Hybrid of Animancer and Thief

The Shinobi class is a fusion of the Animancer’s mystical abilities and the Thief’s stealthy tactics. Let’s delve into the specifics of each component to understand the prowess of this hybrid class.

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Animancer Abilities

In the realm of Soul Knight Prequel, Animancers are known for their mystical prowess, manipulating energy to control the battlefield. The Shinobi inherits these abilities, providing a unique twist to the conventional Thief class.

Thief Skills

Thieves are renowned for their agility and cunning strategies. The Shinobi incorporates thief skills into its arsenal, creating a versatile class that excels in both offense and defense.

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First Passive Skill: Puppetry
Shinobi Skill
First Passive Skill: Puppetry

The first passive skill of the Shinobi class amplifies the critical rate of minions, adding a layer of complexity to combat. Successful crits not only deal increased damage but also inflict bleed on the opponents. Additionally, lesser gestalt gains a new form, diversifying your tactical options.

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First Active Skill: Shadowclone Jutsu: twin
Shinobi Skill
First Active Skill: Shadowclone Jutsu: twin

The Shinobi’s first active skill involves creating a clone that coordinates in combat. This clone inherits a percentage of the owner’s strength, becoming a formidable ally in battle. This skill adds a strategic dimension to engagements, allowing players to control the battlefield more effectively.

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Second Active Skill: Grappling Strike
Second Active Skill: Grappling Strike

Shinobi’s second active skill is a tactical move where a hook is thrown towards the target. This not only allows the player to close the gap quickly but also dodges incoming attacks along the way. Mastering this skill is crucial for maintaining both offensive and defensive capabilities.

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Second Passive Skill: Subtitution Jutsu
Second Passive Skill: Subtitution Jutsu

The second passive skill showcases the Shinobi’s survival instincts. When on the brink of death, the Shinobi can swap positions with the clone, avoiding fatal damage. Additionally, a portion of health is restored, ensuring sustained endurance in intense battles.

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Third Active Skill: Shadowclone Jutsu: Throng
Third Active Skill: Shadowclone Jutsu: Throng

The third active skill of the Shinobi class takes the clone concept to the next level. It allows the creation of up to 5 clones, providing a brief but impactful advantage in combat situations.

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Third Passive Skill: Shadow Mimesis
Soul Knight Prequel
Third Passive Skill: Shadow Mimesis

The third passive skill focuses on enhancing the Shinobi’s minions. They inherit a DEX boost, becoming more agile and effective in combat. Moreover, they mimic all simple thrown attacks, adding an unpredictable element to the Shinobi’s arsenal.

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Fourth Active Skill: Smokescreen Jutsu
Soul Knight Prequel
Fourth Active Skill: Smokescreen Jutsu

The fourth active skill involves creating a cloud of smoke, effectively hiding teammates within the area. However, the effect quickly dissipates upon leaving the designated area, emphasizing strategic placement for optimal results.

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Fatebound and Reference Point Addition Rate

The Shinobi’s fatebound abilities and the reference point addition rate add an extra layer of customization and progression, shaping the class according to the player’s preferred playstyle.

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Leveraging Shinobi Skills in Soul Knight

Understanding how to effectively leverage the Shinobi’s diverse skill set is key to mastering this hybrid class. Let’s explore strategies for maximizing its potential in gameplay.

Strategies for Efficient Use of Shinobi Skills

Maximizing Clone Coordination: Coordinate your clones strategically to overwhelm opponents and control the battlefield.

Tactical Hook Usage: Master the art of using the hook skill for both offense and defense, ensuring precise engagement and evasion.

Concealing Teammates Effectively: Utilize the smoke skill strategically to provide cover for your teammates, creating opportunities for coordinated attacks.

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The Shinobi Skill in Soul Knight introduces a captivating blend of animancer and thief skills, offering players a unique and versatile gameplay experience. Mastering the intricacies of each skill empowers players to navigate battles with finesse and creativity.

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1. Can the Shinobi class be unlocked from the beginning of the game?

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No, the Shinobi class typically needs to be unlocked or acquired through in-game progression.

2. How does the DEX inheritance work for Shinobi’s minions?

The DEX inheritance enhances the agility and effectiveness of Shinobi’s minions in combat, making them more formidable opponents.

3. Are there any specific equipment recommendations for Shinobi players?

While preferences may vary, equipment that enhances critical rate and agility can complement the Shinobi class well.

4. Can the smoke created by the fourth active skill be used for offensive purposes?

While primarily a defensive skill, creative players may find ways to utilize the smoke strategically for both offense and defense.

5. Are there any upcoming events or updates related to the Shinobi class?

Stay tuned to the official Soul Knight announcements for the latest information on events, updates, and potential Shinobi class enhancements.

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