Squad Busters Hero Breakdown: Box Breaking Speed and Abilities

Squad Busters Hero Breakdown

Hero Breakdown
Squad Busters Hero Breakdown

This Squad Busters guide uses box-breaking speed to identify the heroes with the most firepower. Learn their strengths and abilities to craft the perfect strategy and become a Squad Busters champion

Box Breakers (Slowpokes)


Time Takes: 4.1 secondsĀ 

Ability: Throws a second stick of dynamite at his evolved form. While Dynamike deals splash damage, it’s slow at taking down single boxes.

El Primo:

Time Takes: 3.8 seconds

Ability: Occasionally pummels enemies with his flaming fist (evolved form). This tanky hero might be great for defense, but his attack speed is sluggish for boxes.


Time Takes: 3.6 seconds

Ability: Spawns a snack that heals nearby allies (classic form). Despite his fast attack animation, Greg’s damage output isn’t great for boxes.


Time Takes: 3.6 seconds

Ability: Spawns up to three hatchlings at a time (classic form). Don’t be fooled by the animation, the Chicken’s attacks lack punch.

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Middle of the Pack:


Time Takes: Around 3.6 seconds

Ability: Throws stronger heal packs when idle (classic form).


Time Takes: Around 3.6 seconds

Ability: Gives one gem for every 15 coins collected (classic form).


Time Takes: Around 3.6 seconds

Ability: Strong passive healing that gets stronger and faster (super form). While not ideal for initial box duty, these support heroes have decent attack speeds.

Box Bashers (Just Right)


Time Takes: 2.7 seconds

Ability: Attacks faster and stronger (classic form). A solid choice for early box destruction.


Time Takes: 2.6 seconds

Ability: Occasionally fires exploding arrows (classic form). Her shotgun blast can hit multiple targets around the box, making her efficient.


Time Takes: 2.3 seconds

Ability: Increased damage to mobs (two stars). At two stars, Bow becomes a box-breaking machine with his increased damage to mobs.


Time Takes: 2.1 seconds

Ability: Drops a bunch of gold upon spawning. Surprisingly good, the Goblin drops gold upon spawning, helping you unlock chests faster.

Hog Rider:

Time Takes: 1.9 seconds

Ability: Gains a burst of speed when running through grass (three stars). Despite a slow-looking animation, Hog Rider is a speedy box destroyer.

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Box Brawlers (Super Speedy Heroes)

Archer Queen:

Time Takes: 1.8 seconds

Ability: Occasionally fires exploding arrows and regenerates health when not attacking (super form). This powerful Epic hero packs a punch when it comes to boxes.


Time Takes: 1.6 seconds

Ability: Runs super fast and increases movement speed for nearby allies (super form). Another Epic hero, Max boasts a very fast attack speed.


Time Takes: 1.4 seconds

Ability: Fires a Bullet Storm after busting four foes (classic form). This common hero is a great starting choice due to his impressive box-breaking speed.


Time Takes: 1.3 seconds

Ability: Spawns a powerful bear to attack enemies (always active). With her constant companion bear, Nita deals double the damage to boxes.


Time Takes: 1.3 seconds

Ability: Summons even more skeletons (classic form) and gains a Skeleton Barrel spell (super form). This hero has a very fast attack speed, and her summoned skeletons can further increase box-breaking speed.

Remember: This information is based on two-star heroes, with the exception of Hog Rider and Witch (three stars). While higher star levels might unlock abilities, they likely won’t affect attack speed.

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This guide should help you pick the right brawlers to get those boxes smashed and win in Squad Busters.

I hope this article was helpful for you guys, and if I get more information, I will upload a new article. If I forgot something, please let me know in the comment section or contact us. Please support the Tech_DIY team by sharing this article.


1. How do I level up my heroes in Squad Busters?

  • You gain experience points (XP) for every battle you play. Winning gives more XP than losing. You can also get XP from quests and achievements. Once you have enough XP, your hero will level up, unlocking new abilities or making them stronger.

2. How do I use coins and gems in Squad Busters?

  • Coins are used to upgrade your heroes and buy chests that contain new heroes and power points. Gems are a premium currency that can be used to open chests faster, buy skins for your heroes, and other things.

3. Can I play Squad Busters with friends?

  • Yes! You can team up with friends to battle other players online. You can also join a club with other players to chat, share strategies, and participate in club events.

4. Where can I find more information about Squad Busters?

  • You can find the official Squad Busters website or join the game’s community forums or social media pages for tips, strategies, and discussions with other players.

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