Star Wars Outlaws: 10 Must-Know Details Before You Play

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws: 10 Must-Know Details

Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws, a brand new open-world game coming out on August 30th, 2024, lets you do just that, and for a starting price of $69.99, In this exciting adventure, you get to choose your path: become a blaster-wielding bounty hunter or a cunning scoundrel who thrives in the shadows. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you:

Do You Want to Be a Bounty Hunter?

  • Rack Up Bounties, Face Tough Enemies: The more trouble you cause, the more the Empire puts a price on your head. Fight tougher enemies like elite troopers as your bounty grows. There’s even a rumor about a special high-level challenge for the bravest outlaws.
  • Work with (or Against) Gangs: Make a name for yourself with powerful groups like Crimson Dawn or the Hutts. Complete missions for them to unlock cool rewards like hidden quests and special gear. Just be careful not to get on their bad side.
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Do You Prefer to Be a Scoundrel?

  • Stealth is Key: The more sneaky you are, the better your reputation will be. Take down enemies silently without drawing attention.
  • Gadgets and Your Partner: Use tools like lockpicks to bypass security and your companion, Nix, to distract enemies or reach new areas.
  • Vault Raiding: Each gang has a secret vault filled with treasures. Plan your heist carefully and avoid getting caught to maintain your good standing with them.

Explore a Galaxy Full of Adventures

  • More Than Just the Empire: Fight not only the Empire, but also rival gangs and even wild creatures that lurk in the vast galaxy.
  • Open World Exploration: Explore giant planets packed with things to do. Dodge Imperial checkpoints, battle space pirates who attack unsuspecting ships, or even get involved in epic battles between different groups, The choice is yours.
  • Speeders and Cantinas: Race across planets on your speedy speeder, listening for clues on the radio. Lively Cantinas in each city are like information hubs, offering jobs, side quests, and much more.
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Something to Think About Before You Start:

The game has different versions available for purchase at different prices. While some content is exclusive to certain versions, the pricing might not be for everyone. Consider your budget and desired content before buying.

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1. How important is stealth in the game?

  • Stealth plays a significant role in Star Wars Outlaws. The reputation system rewards you for taking down enemies silently, and it can be a valuable tool for completing missions and avoiding unwanted attention.

2. Can I explore space freely in Star Wars Outlaws?

  • Space exploration in Star Wars Outlaws focuses on areas around planets, similar to games like Starfield. You’ll encounter space pirates and TIE fighters while traveling between planets.
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3. Are there different vehicles to use besides speeders?

  • While speeders are your main mode of transportation for traversing planets, there’s no information yet on piloting larger ships or taking control of land vehicles.

4. Is pre-ordering Star Wars Outlaws worth it?

  • The pre-order options offer different editions with varying prices. While the Season Pass includes an exclusive Day One mission, some players might find the pricing for the Gold and Ultimate Editions high. Consider your budget and desired content before pre-ordering.

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