The “Echoes of the Past” in Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Update – Complete Guide

The “Echoes of the Past” Complete Guide

Echoes of the Past
The “Echoes of the Past” Complete Guide

Fallout 4, The next-generation update, brings the “Echoes of the Past” quest, where you’ll face the Enclave faction and secure valuable pre-war tech. Here’s a clear guide to help you through:

Unearthing the Mystery:

  1. Ready Up: This quest activates automatically for characters at a higher level. Gear up for combat, especially against power armor users.
  2. Head North: Travel north of Saugus Ironworks and explore the Slog area marked by the quest marker.
  3. Follow the Trail: Investigate the large blood splatter at the Slog. This gruesome clue leads you to the Enclave’s whereabouts.
  4. Showdown: Eliminate the Enclave soldiers you encounter. Interact with a nearby computer terminal to download crucial Enclave homing beacon data.

Tracking the Signal:

  1. Tune In: Use your Pip-Boy radio and select the Enclave homing beacon frequency.
  2. Glowing Sea: Fast travel to the Edge of the Glowing Sea. Keep an eye on your Pip-Boy’s signal strength indicator. It should rise as you get closer.
  3. Target Acquired: Follow the signal until it reaches 100%. This leads you to the Atlantic Offices
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Confronting the Enclave:

  1. Steel Yourself: Prepare for a fight! The Atlantic Offices are crawling with Enclave soldiers, many clad in power armor.
  2. Boss Battle: Battle your way through the building until you face the final boss, the Enclave Colonel.

Important: Avoid using explosive weapons on the Colonel. This might cause a glitch preventing quest completion. Loot the Enclave Terminal Password from the Colonel’s body.

  1. Lift the Lockdown: Locate a terminal in the same area and use the password to “End Lockdown.”
  2. Escape Route: Look for a small hole in the wall to climb back up and exit the building.

Showdown Finale:

  1. Last Stand: Outside, a final wave of enemies awaits you. There will be ghouls, Enclave soldiers in new power armor, and a Vertibird raining fire from above.
  2. Victory: Once you eliminate all enemies, you’ve successfully completed the “Echoes of the Past” quest. Enjoy your rewards!

Bonus Tip: Create a save point before entering the Atlantic Offices in case of the Colonel glitch.

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This guide equips you to face the Enclave threat and secure valuable rewards in Fallout 4’s “Echoes of the Past” quest.

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1. What are the rewards for completing the quest?

Completing “Echoes of the Past” grants you access to several exciting rewards:

  • Enclave Cosmetics: Unlock unique cosmetic items to customize your character with an Enclave flair.
  • Powerful Weapons: Gain access to powerful weapons like the Tesla Cannon, effective against even the toughest enemies.
  • High-Tier Armor: Secure high-level armor sets like the X-02 Power Armor, providing exceptional protection.

2. What level do I need to be to start the quest?

There’s no specific level requirement to trigger the quest. However, it’s recommended to be at a higher level due to the challenging enemies you’ll encounter, especially those equipped with power armor.

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3. Are there any legendary enemies in the quest?

Yes! Be prepared to face two legendary enemies:

  • Legendary Feral Ghoul: This powerful ghoul can inflict significant damage, so come prepared with effective weapons and protective gear.
  • Legendary Enclave Hellfire Trooper: This elite Enclave soldier boasts advanced weaponry and armor. Focus on taking them down strategically.

4. Can I replay the quest for the rewards again?

Unfortunately, the quest itself cannot be replayed for the unique rewards. However, the legendary enemies can respawn, allowing you to potentially obtain their legendary loot again.

5. What if I accidentally used an explosive weapon on the Colonel and the quest glitched?

If the quest glitches after defeating the Colonel with an explosive weapon, it might prevent completion. Here are two options:

  • Load a previous save: If you have a save point before entering the Atlantic Offices, reload it and try defeating the Colonel with a different weapon.
  • Command prompt solution (advanced): For experienced players, there’s a solution using console commands. However, this method requires caution and isn’t recommended for beginners. Search online for specific command details if needed.

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