THE FINALS Complete Season 1 Weapon Tier List | Analyzing 21 Weapons in the Game

Complete Season 1 Weapon Tier List

Complete Season 1 Weapon Tier List

This guide will help you choose the best guns for blasting your way to victory in The Finals Season 1! We’ve broken down the pros and cons of each weapon, but remember, everyone has their favorites.

Understanding Weapon Tiers:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s discuss the criteria for placing weapons in their respective tiers. We’ll be looking at performance, versatility, and overall impact on the game.

Season 1 Weapon Tier List
Understanding Weapon Tiers

Medium Class Weapons:

FCAR: The Undisputed King

Starting strong with the F car, this medium-class weapon claims the throne in the S-tier. Unraveling its strengths, we explore its magazine size, damage output, and its ability to take down heavies with ease.

AKM: A Personal Perspective

A closer look at the AKM reveals some nuances. Despite a bug affecting its consistency, our analysis positions it in a unique tier, reflecting personal experiences.

CL-40: A Niche Choice

For Overwatch enthusiasts, the CL40 might find a special place in your heart. Analyzing its performance, we assign it a tier that considers its niche role in the game.

Heavy Class Weapons:

SS82: Meta Option for Heavies

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As we explore heavy-class weaponry, the SS82 emerges as a meta-option. We discuss its reliability and effectiveness, placing it securely in the A-tier.

LH1: Reworked Dynamics

The LH1 undergoes rework and buffs, altering its dynamics. However, a critical evaluation nudges it down a tier, and we delve into why.

M11: A Light Weapon Competitor

M11 enters the stage, competing with light-class weapons in terms of speed and magazine size. Our analysis positions it in a solid A-tier, acknowledging its prowess.

Light Class Weapons:

XP-54: The S-Tier Beast

The light-class powerhouse, XP54, claims its well-deserved spot in the S-tier. Unveiling its damage potential and versatility, we discuss why it reigns supreme.

SA1216: An Annoying Powerhouse

An exploration of the fully automatic shotgun reveals its dominance in the game. We designate it as an S-tier weapon due to its undeniable strength.

SR-84: Sniper Potential

The SR84, while not topping the charts, offers sniper potential for light-class players. Our analysis places it in the B-tier, acknowledging its strategic role.

Specialized Weapons:

Riot Shield: A Griefing Tool

Delving into specialized weapons, the Riot Shield emerges as a tool for griefing and buying time. We discuss its utility, assigning it a C-tier position.

Sledge hammer: Destruction Potential

The Sledgehammer may not be a favorite, but its potential for destruction earns it a C-tier spot. Analyzing its uses, we explore scenarios where it proves valuable.

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V9S: A Nerfed But Powerful Pistol

Despite a nerf, the V9S remains a potent pistol. Placing it in the A-tier, we discuss its single-fire capability and damage per magazine.

Model 1887: A Love-Hate Relationship

Model 1887, despite its tedious reload times, finds its place in the B-tier. We discuss the weapon’s unique characteristics and its niche appeal.

Revolver: The Heavy Takedown

As a heavy takedown machine, the Revolver claims a solid A-tier position. Exploring its efficiency against Heavies, we discuss why it’s a go-to choice.

SH1900: The Broken Shotgun

The SH1900 joins the S-tier, emerging as a broken weapon. Analyzing its overwhelming strength, we explore why it stands out in the heavy-class arsenal.

Throwing Knives: A Satisfying But Underwhelming Option

While satisfying, throwing knives fall short on damage. Placing them in the D-tier, we discuss their limitations and potential for future improvements.

XP-54: The Finale – A King in Light Class

XP54, rounding up the light-class weapons, secures its position in the S-tier. Our final analysis discusses why it stands out as the king in its class.

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This guide picks the best weapons in THE FINALS Season 1! We analyzed strengths and weaknesses of each gun. Try them out, but this helps build a strong loadout. The game changes, so check back for updates!

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1.  Are these rankings final, or will there be updates?

Rankings are based on the current meta, but adjustments may occur with game updates. Stay informed for potential changes.

2. Why is the F car in the S-tier despite its limited magazine size?

The F car’s ability to quickly eliminate Heavies and its overall versatility outweigh its magazine limitations.

3. Is the XP54 recommended for all Light players?

XP54 excels in the hands of players with exceptional aim and agility but may not suit everyone’s playstyle.

4. Do personal experiences heavily influence these rankings?

Personal experiences provide context, but rankings consider a balance of factors, including community feedback and overall weapon performance.

5. Which weapon is recommended for Heavies looking for range and automatic firepower?

The SS82 stands out as a reliable option, offering range and automatic firepower for Heavies.

6. How often will the tier list be updated?

Regular updates will coincide with game patches or significant meta shifts. Stay tuned for the latest insights.

7. Will there be updates to the tier list?

Updates may occur with game changes or new additions, so stay tuned for the latest insights.

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