Traces Continue Quest Guide in The First Descendant | The Void Fragments and Location

Traces Continue
Traces Continue Quest Guide in The First Descendant

Traces Continue Quest Guide in The First Descendant

To complete the Traces Continue quest in The First Descendant, this guide will simplify the process. Follow these steps to unlock Vesper, complete missions, and find the Void Fragments in the ruins. follow these detailed steps to complete this quest:

1. Unlock The Vesper Region:

Traces Continue
Unlock The Vesper Region

The first step is to unlock the region called Vesper. This area becomes accessible as you progress through the main story quests. If you haven’t reached this point yet, continue playing through the main storyline. After defeating the boss in the current region, Vesper will be unlocked. This new area is crucial for advancing the Traces Continue quest.

2. Complete Missions in Vesper:

Once Vesper is unlocked, you will need to complete several missions in this region. These missions are necessary to unlock free roam within Vesper. Only after completing these missions will you be able to explore the area freely and continue with the quest.

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3. Navigate to the Ruins:

With free roam unlocked in Vesper, head to the ruins section of the map. The ruins are an important area where you will find the necessary quest items and clues.

4. Locate the Void Reactor:

Traces Continue
Locate the Void Reactor

In the ruins section, navigate to the far right side of the map. Look for a prominent feature – a big orange gate known as the Void Reactor. This gate is a significant landmark that will help you find the journal you need.

Find the Journal:

The journal is located near the Void Reactor, specifically in an elevated area. Move up to the high point near the orange gate to find the journal. This journal is essential for advancing the quest and uncovering more of the background story.

Upon finding the journal, an audio log will play. The content of the audio log is as follows:

“Grandma, Mom said she’d get me a teddy bear for my birthday this year. Yay! I like bears much more than rabbits. But when are Mom and Dad coming back? Grandma, we have to have a party for my birthday. Another stupid memory. Wait, the records mention the Colon Special Forces. Isn’t that a secret spy unit? No wonder these records were classified. I need to talk to someone who knew my parents. I don’t think I’ll get much out of Sharon or Fray. Fray might know something.”

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By following these steps, you will successfully complete the Traces Continue quest in The First Descendant and gain deeper insight into the Bunny class’s backstory.

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