Top 29 Most Hated Skins In Fortnite History, Voted by Community

Fortnite: Most Hated Skins

Top 29 Most Hated Skins

Fortnite is a popular game where you battle to be the last one standing. They have tons of cool outfits, almost 2,000! But not everyone likes every outfit. Some outfits make other players really mad. This article will show you the top 29 outfits that Fortnite players just don’t like.

1. Paxton Price: The Lost Potential

Paxton Price: The Lost Potential

Paxton Price suffered a significant blow when his concept from surveys was brought to life. The community was left confused and disappointed, raising questions about the reasons behind the changes.

2. Bytes: Uniqueness with Controversy

Bytes: Uniqueness with Controversy

Bytes, a unique outfit with a great backstory, faced backlash due to its association with essential challenges. The requirement to wear Bytes for crucial tasks irked many players, making it a subject of contention.

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3. Fabio Sparklean: Creeping Disapproval

Fabio Sparklean: Creeping Disapproval

Fabio Sparklean, introduced as a meme skin, left players unsettled with its buff unicorn or demon-addicted cereal concept. The divisive reaction revealed that even attempts at uniqueness can sometimes miss the mark.

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4. Nolan: Dollar Store John Jones

Nolan: Dollar Store John Jones

Nolan, considered a budget version of John Jones, received criticism for being plain and lacking in design. The skepticism extended to other Battle Pass outfits, indicating a mixed reception.

5. Khaby Lame: A Collab Out of Place

Khaby Lame: A Collab Out of Place

Despite Khaby Lame’s admirable status as a creator, the Fortnite community questioned the relevance of his inclusion. Fans felt that more deserving creators who actively played the game should have received Icon Series recognition.

6. Tron: Wasted Potential

Tron: Wasted Potential

The Tron skins, despite looking cool, were deemed wasted potential. Other franchises, like Ghostbusters and Cobra Kai, received similar treatment, leaving fans disappointed in the missed opportunities.

7. Luxe: Tier 100 Disappointment

Luxe: Tier 100 Disappointment

Luxe, a Tier 100 outfit, failed to captivate players with its ordinary appearance. The absence of superpowers or a compelling backstory, usually associated with Tier 100 skins, left Luxe perceived as underwhelming.

8. Brix Barton: Taste Subjectivity

Brix Barton: Taste Subjectivity

Brix Barton, released recently, found its way onto the most hated list for its divisive color palette. While some disliked the tan-orange combination, taste preferences became a focal point of discussion.

9. Guggimon: Unwanted Crossover

Guggimon: Unwanted Crossover

Guggimon, an unexpected crossover, faced backlash for occupying a valuable spot in the Battle Pass. The perception of him being a money grab left players questioning the decision behind his inclusion.

10. Default Skins: From Iconic to Paid

Default Skins: From Iconic to Paid

Once iconic, default skins transitioned to the item shop and are now sold at a price. This shift raised eyebrows among players who found it hard to justify paying for outfits that were previously free.

11. Deathstroke: Hilarious Mistake

Deathstroke: Hilarious Mistake

The Deathstroke skin incurred criticism for a hilarious mistakeā€”a massive nose that diverged from the character’s actual appearance. Die-hard fans were quick to spot the difference and express their disapproval.

12. Fortnitemares 2021 Zombies: Lazy Decision

Fortnitemares 2021 Zombies: Lazy Decision

Fortnitemares 2021 Zombies, undead versions of superhero skins, faced backlash for being perceived as a lazy decision. Complaints centered around their gray and washed-out appearance, lacking the originality of previous versions.

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13. Green Arrow: Lackluster Crew Pack

Green Arrow: Lackluster Crew Pack

Green Arrow, the first crew pack skin, failed to impress with its lackluster design. Compared to other enticing offerings, it appeared as if minimal effort was invested in the subscription-based outfit.

14. Bendi and Twisty: Goofy Nightmare Fuel

Bendi and Twisty: Goofy Nightmare Fuel

Bendi and Twisty, intended to be inflatable totems, received mixed reactions. While some found them horrible and nightmarish, others appreciated the goofy aesthetic.

15. Kimiko Five Tales: Divisive Fox Spirit

Kimiko Five Tales

Kimiko Five Tales, a unique fox spirit, stirred division among players. Whether due to its animal-themed design or deviation from the drift theme, opinions on this skin remained highly polarized.

16. Sterling: Bright and Unappealing

Sterling: Bright and Unappealing

Sterling emerged as one of the most hated skins in Fortnite history, thanks to its all-silver appearance and intense white eyes. The bright outfit left players feeling uneasy and contributed to its negative reception.

17. Hawkeye: Unrecognizable Depiction


Hawkeye faced criticism for its unrecognizable depiction, with players highlighting the lack of resemblance to Jeremy Renner. The skin’s bland design added to the disappointment, making it forgettable for many.

18. Redux: Grandpa Midas Vibes


Redux, often likened to Grandpa Midas, became a subject of mockery for its aging appearance. The unexpected transformation of Midas into an elderly version left players amused and unimpressed.

19. Mullet Marauder: Outdated Throwback

Mullet Marauder

Mullet Marauder, intended as a throwback to classic workout videos, faced backlash for its outdated mullet design. While some appreciated the nostalgic reference, others found it out of place in the current Fortnite landscape.

20. Aura: Overused Symbol of Sweat


Aura, the most used skin in Fortnite, earned disapproval not for its design but for its ubiquity. Frequently donned by skilled players, it became a symbol of try-hards, leading to widespread disdain.

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21. Shang Chi: Comic Version Letdown

Shang Chi

Shang Chi, introduced to celebrate the movie release, disappointed fans with its deviation from the cinematic appearance. The transition to a comic version left players longing for a more faithful representation.

22. Flytrap: Ugly and Expensive


Flytrap, despite being legendary, faced criticism for its unattractive design and high price tag. The absence of edit styles and additional features contributed to its negative reception.

23. Kaws: Random Crossover


Kaws, another crossover, drew ire for its seemingly random inclusion. The addition of a Peely version further fueled discontent among players, questioning the coherence of these collaborations.

24. Mincemeat: Terrifying Detail


Mincemeat, known for its terrifying level of detail, left players unsettled. While the design aligned with the Halloween theme, the lack of utility beyond the season contributed to its divisive nature.

25. Grimbles: Iconic for Goofiness


Grimbles, a garden gnome in Fortnite, became iconic for its goofy appearance. Widely used by players for trolling or humor, it solidified its place as a skin not taken seriously.

26. Beast Mode: Ridiculous Bulkiness

Beast Mode

Beast Mode skins, known for their ridiculous appearance and bulkiness, faced criticism for providing a disadvantage in gameplay. The oversized outfits, whether a metal rhino or another animal, proved impractical for competitive play.

27. Giddy Up: Bulky Humor

Giddy Up

Giddy Up, designed as a Halloween costume skin, amused players with its humor but hindered visibility in practical gameplay. The bulky nature of the outfit became a source of both laughter and frustration.

28. Bun Bun: Chocolaty Disapproval

Bun Bun

Bun Bun, depicting a chocolate rabbit, failed to resonate with a significant portion of the player base. Despite the intriguing concept, the execution left some players unimpressed.

29. Soccer Skins: Symbol of Try-Hard

Soccer Skins

Closing the list are the Soccer Skins, notorious for their generic and easily customizable nature. The overuse of these skins by try-hard players led to their reputation as a symbol of intense competition in Fortnite.


Fortnite’s expansive collection of skins has sparked diverse opinions among players. From disappointing crossovers to divisive designs, the most hated skins reflect the challenges of balancing creativity and player expectations in the gaming industry.

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1. Why do these skins make the list of the most hated in Fortnite?

The skins on this list garnered negative attention for various reasons, including design choices, thematic inconsistencies, and player expectations not being met.

2. Are these skins universally disliked, or is it subjective?

Player opinions on skins are subjective. While some may dislike certain skins for specific reasons, others might find them appealing. It’s a matter of personal preference.

3. Do these skins impact gameplay, or is the dislike purely aesthetic?

Most of the criticism is directed at the visual aspects of the skin. They don’t generally impact gameplay mechanics but may affect player experience due to their appearance.

4. Have these skins always been hated, or did opinions change over time?

Player opinions can evolve. Some skins faced immediate backlash upon release, while others gained negative reception as players spent more time with them or as new skins were introduced.

5. Do developers respond to community feedback on these skins?

Game developers often monitor community feedback. While not every criticism results in changes, developers may consider player sentiments for future skin designs or adjustments.

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