Top 7 Heroes to use in Madtale Idle RPG & Ability

Top 7 Heroes
Madtale Idle RPG

Top 7 Heroes

This guide is your secret weapon in the Madtale Idle RPG for selecting you heroes.We break down the top 7 heroes, their special skills, and how they can help you win in Madtale. No matter your experience, this guide will help you choose the perfect heroes to conquer the Madtale Idle RPG.

7. Miser: The Master of Stuns (S Hero)

Top 7 Heroes
Miser: Master of Stuns
  • He is a solid foundation for any team due to his exceptional stunning abilities.
  • He effectively stuns attackers with his first skill and can even disable the entire enemy team with his ultimate.
  • He is easily obtainable as a regular S partner, making him a reliable asset from the get-go.
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6. Abdullah: Empowering Your Carry (S Hero)

Madtale Idle RPG
Abdullah: Empowering Your Carry
  • The ultimate supporter, excelling at setting up your carry hero.
  • His buffs significantly reduce the stat requirements for your carry to dominate early game.
  • As the battle progresses, his buffs evolve into a 35% crit rate and a three-round 50% attack buff, ensuring your carry reigns supreme.

5. Prince Glass: The Unpredictable Powerhouse (S+ Hero)

Prince Glass: The Unpredictable Powerhouse
  • He injects a dose of chaos with his chance to stun using both AOE abilities.
  • His unpredictable nature takes a turn for the better with his ultimate, which fills a random ally’s energy bar.
  • Capable of stunning multiple enemies and empowering your strongest attacker, Prince Glass brings a thrilling twist to combat.

4. Scissor Girl: Diverse Damage Dealer (S Hero)

Top 7 Heroes
Scissor Girl: Diverse Damage Dealer
  • She is a nightmare for enemies with her diverse skillset.
  • Stuns single targets, inflicts single-target bleed, and unleashes AOE bleeds with the potential to detonate, dealing massive damage.
  • Synergizes well with heroes like Cinderella, causing enemies to self-harm amidst the chaos.
  • Underestimate her at your own peril.
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3. Puss in Boots: High Damage Potential (S+ Hero)

Madtale Idle RPG
Puss in Boots: High Damage Potential
  • Claws his way to the top with the highest base attack among normal rarity S+ heroes.
  • He packs a punch with his ultimate, boasting a damage potential exceeding 2000%.
  • Critical hits trigger an extra attack, ensuring takedowns.
  • Every defeated enemy further fuels his damage, making him a relentless force on the battlefield.

2. Cinderella: The AOE Specialist (S+ Hero)

Madtale Idle RPG
Cinderella: TheĀ  AOE Specialist
  • Often underestimated, Cinderella’s true power lies in her ultimate ability.
  • Equipped with the Mermaid Tears set, she unleashes her ultimate on the first turn, dealing massive AOE damage and inflicting bleeds on all enemies.
  • She is a master of crowd control and damage, making her a cornerstone for any team.

1. Sea Witch: Wielding Unmatched Power (S+ Hero)

Top 7 Heroes
Sea Witch: Wielding Unmatched Power
  • Boasts the witches’ faction buff, granting a massive 25% defense boost to your entire team.
  • Unleashes a devastating ultimate attack that combines AOE damage, bleeds, and silences enemies, crippling their offense.
  • She is challenging to acquire, but her unparalleled power makes her the crown jewel of any team.
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In Madtale Idle RPG, assembling a powerful team is crucial for success. These top seven heroes, from Miser’s stunning prowess to Sea Witch’s game-changing abilities, offer unparalleled advantages in various aspects of the game.

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1. Who is the strongest hero in the Madtale Idle RPG?

  • Sea Witch (S+ Hero): Boasts a powerful witches’ faction buff, devastating ultimate attack, and is challenging to acquire, making her the strongest hero.

2. Which hero is best for dealing massive AOE damage?

  • Cinderella (S+ Hero): When equipped with the Mermaid Tears set, she unleashes a powerful first-turn ultimate that deals significant AOE damage and inflicts bleeds.

3. How can I ensure my carry hero dominates the early game?

  • Focus on Abdullah (S Hero): His buffs significantly reduce your carry’s stat requirements, allowing them to dominate early on. Later, his buffs evolve to further empower your carry.

4. Which hero disrupts enemies with stuns?

  • Miser (S Hero): A reliable option due to his exceptional stuns. He can disable both single attackers and the entire enemy team with his abilities.

5. Is there a hero that incorporates an element of surprise?

  • Prince Glass (S+ Hero): His unpredictable nature comes from his chance to stun with AOE abilities and his ultimate that randomly refills an ally’s energy bar. He can disrupt enemies and potentially empower your team.

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