Toy Car Battery Puzzle and Finding 3rd key, Mission 4 Easy Guide | Hello Neighbor 2

Hello neighbor 2
Hello Neighbor by tinyBuild

Toy Car Battery Puzzle, Mission 4 Guide

This guide will help you navigate the tricky task of finding the battery for the toy car in Mission 4 of Hello Neighbor 2. Not only will you locate the missing power source, but you’ll also learn how to use it to snag a crucial key and progress further in the mission.

Locating the Toy Car and Controller

Hello neighbor 2
Toy Car Location
  • Head to the first floor of the cop’s house.
  • You’ll find a room with a toy car track and a controller. The battery for the car is missing.

Finding the Battery

Hello neighbor 2
Finding Battery
  • Go back to the lobby and enter the room with the large cupboard.
  • The cupboard handle is missing. Look for a handle on a green tray nearby.
  • Attach the handle to the switch on the cupboard and activate it. This reveals a secret door.
  • Inside the secret room, you’ll find the battery covered in cobwebs. Use your scissors to clear them and pick up the battery.
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Using the Battery and Getting the Key

  • Return to the toy car room (hopefully the cop isn’t there!).
  • Place the battery in the controller and activate it.
  • The toy car will zoom under the bed, revealing a key – the third key in the cop house!
  • Grab the key before the cop returns. If he catches you, he’ll put the key back under the bed.

Using the Key

Hello neighbor 2
Unlocking Doors
  • With the key in hand, head downstairs to the previously locked door.
  • Use the key to unlock the door and proceed to your next objective!


Keep an eye out for the cop’s movements. If he’s patrolling the area, try to find a distraction or wait for him to leave before attempting these steps.

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1. Where’s the toy car stuff?

  • First floor, cop house. You’ll see the car and controller, but no battery.
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2. How do I find the battery?

  • Look for a big cupboard in the lobby. There’s a secret door behind it! Use the handle from the green tray to open it and grab the cobwebbed battery (use scissors!).

3. What do I do with the battery?

  • Put it in the toy car controller upstairs. The car will zoom under the bed, revealing a key!

4. What if the cop sees me?

  • He’ll put the key back under the bed. Be sneaky!

5. Is there a lever under the bed in Mission 4 of Hello Neighbor 2?

  • The information you provided about a lever under the bed likely doesn’t apply to finding the toy car battery in Mission 4. The steps to find the battery involve the cupboard in the lobby, not a lever under a bed.

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