Transcendent Module (Electric Condense) and Ultimate Module Farm Guide | The First Descendant

Transcendent Module
Transcendent Module (Electric Condense)

Transcendent Module (Electric Condense) and Ultimate Module Farm Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step method to farm Transcendent Modules and Ultimate Module in The First Descendant. This mission, located in Vespers at the Lost Supply Depot, is efficient and repeatable, ensuring you maximize your loot collection.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Unlock the Mission

Ultimate Module Farm
Mission Sepulcher in Vespers (IMG Via DPJ Yt)

To begin farming Transcendent Modules, you need to unlock the mission Sepulcher in Vespers. This mission becomes available after progressing through Albion, Kingston, and Sterile Land.

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Step 2: Fast Travel to Vespers

Open your map and fast travel to Vespers. Locate the Lost Supply Depot on the map, where the Sepulcher mission is situated.

Step 3: Join a Public Lobby

Running this mission in a public lobby is highly recommended. Collaborating with other players speeds up the process and increases efficiency. Joining a public lobby ensures you have support, making it easier to complete the mission quickly.

Step 4: Start the Mission Sepulcher

Select the mission Sepulcher from the Lost Supply Depot and begin. The mission involves completing objectives and defeating enemies to progress.

Step 5: Focus on Key Enemies

As you progress through the mission, prioritize targeting enemies with yellow triangles above their heads. These enemies are crucial for mission progression. Additionally, look out for elite enemies, which have a higher chance of dropping Transcendent Modules.

Step 6: Interact with Terminals

Throughout the mission, you will encounter terminals that need to be activated to open pathways. Interact with these terminals promptly to keep the mission flow smooth and uninterrupted.

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Step 7: Handle Regular Enemies

While some enemies can be bypassed, ensure you eliminate the ones with yellow triangles. These specific enemies must be defeated to advance through the mission stages.

Step 8: Prepare for the Boss Battle

The mission in a boss fight. The boss has a mechanic where the floor lights up, causing knockback if you stand in the lit areas. Position yourself carefully to avoid these lit zones and maintain your damage output on the boss.

Step 9: Defeat the Boss

To defeat the boss:

  1. Avoid the lit areas on the floor to prevent being knocked back.
  2. Focus on consistent damage output.
  3. Watch for additional waves of enemies spawning during the fight.
  4. Utilize high-damage skills and coordinate with your team.

Step 10: Collect Rewards

Transcendent Module
Mission Complete Rewards (IMG Via DPJ Yt)

After defeating the boss, collect your rewards. Transcendent Modules have a low drop rate (around 2%), but Ultimate Modules are more common. Keep an eye out for specific modules like Electric Condense for Bunny and valuable Kuiper Shards.

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Step 11: Restart the Mission

Once the mission is completed, you can restart it from the reward screen. This allows you to continue farming without having to navigate back to the mission start point.

Step 12: Repeat the Process

Repeat the mission as many times as needed to accumulate Transcendent Modules, Ultimate Modules, and other valuable loot. Running this mission repeatedly ensures you maximize your farming efficiency.

Tips for Efficient Farming

  • Always run the mission in a public lobby for better efficiency.
  • Target enemies with yellow triangles and elite enemies for optimal drops.
  • Coordinate with higher-level players for faster mission completion.
  • Be mindful of the boss mechanics to avoid unnecessary delays.

Following this step-by-step guide will help you to farm Transcendent Modules and Ultimate Modules in The First Descendant. By focusing on key enemies, handling the boss mechanics, and repeating the mission, you can increase your loot and improve your gameplay.

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