Forza Horizon 5 Treasure Hunt Guide: Body Arts – FH5 Winter Festival Playlist

Treasure Hunt
Forza Horizon 5 Treasure Hunt Guide

Forza Horizon 5 Treasure Hunt Guide: Body Arts – Winter Festival Playlist

Welcome to the “Body Arts” treasure hunt guide for Forza Horizon 5 Winter Festival Playlist. This guide will help you understand the clue, complete the required tasks, and find the hidden treasure. Earn valuable points for your Toyota GR Yaris and rewards.


Treasure Hunt
Objective (IMG Via STEVIO2175 yt)

The main objective of the “Body Arts” treasure hunt is to earn 3 points towards the widebody GR Yaris and 100 Forza points. Completing this treasure hunt is a way to progress in the Winter Festival Playlist and enhance your vehicle collection.

Treasure Clue

The clue for this treasure hunt is:

“Orange you glad you can be creative. If you’re feeling blue, maybe some Pagani painting will do.”

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This clue indicates that you need to be creative with a Pagani car, specifically by painting it.

Steps to Complete the Treasure Hunt

Car Requirement:

To start the treasure hunt, you need to use any Pagani car. However, acquiring a Pagani can be challenging because some models are DLC or wheel spin exclusives. There are only a few Pagani models available for direct purchase at the auto show. Choose your favorite Pagani or the one you have access to. It’s beneficial to confirm with other players which model you used and whether it worked for this treasure hunt.

Painting the Car:

To complete the clue’s requirement, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the garage and select “Forza Vista.”
  2. In this mode, paint your Pagani a different color.
  3. Once you exit the garage after painting, the treasure challenge will be marked as complete.
Body Arts
treasure chest location (IMG Via STEVIO2175 yt)

After completing this step, an orange circle will appear on your map, indicating the general area where the treasure chest is located.

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Finding the Treasure Chest:

Body Arts
treasure chest (IMG Via STEVIO2175 yt)

The next step is to locate the treasure chest within the orange circle on your map. To help you find the exact location, follow these tips:

  1. Check your playlist for an additional clue that might narrow down the search area.
  2. Refer to the map location provided in this guide to pinpoint the treasure chest.

Additional Information

Completing the “Body Arts” treasure hunt will earn you 3 points towards the GR Yaris and 100 Forza points. These points contribute to your overall progress in the Winter Festival Playlist, unlocking many rewards and enhancements. Make sure to check out the widebody kits available for the GR Yaris, as they can improve the car’s performance and aesthetics.

In addition to the treasure hunt, other challenges in the festival playlist, such as the photo challenge and seasonal championships, provide further opportunities to earn points and rewards. Engaging in these activities can help your progress.

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By following this detailed guide, you can efficiently complete the “Body Arts” treasure hunt in Forza Horizon 5, earn valuable rewards, and enhance your gaming experience.

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