Valadrion Boss Weapons Guide and How to Get | Soul Knight Prequel

Valadrion Boss Weapons
The Legendary Weapons of the Valadrion Boss

The Legendary Weapons of the Valadrion Boss

In Soul Knight Prequel the Valadrion boss in the Shattered Spine map holds the key to four powerful legendary weapons: Valadrion’s Dory & Aspis (Spear & Shield), Xyston (Spear), Ballista (Crossbow), and Greatbow.

How to Get Valadrion Boss Weapons

Valadrion Boss Weapons
shattered spine map

These weapons can only be obtained between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Beijing time in Shattered Spine map, so be sure to plan your attacks accordingly.

The Spirit of the Valadrion Fatebound

Valadrion Boss Weapons
Spirit of the Valadrion Fatebound

Before diving into the weapons themselves, let’s talk about the Valadrion’s unique ability: the Spirit of the Valadrion. When surrounded by enemies, this exclusive fate-bound effect improve your combat abilities, boosting your damage and speed for 10 seconds. However, beware! The buff comes at a cost. Once the effect wears off, your combat abilities are reduced for 6 seconds, leaving you vulnerable.

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The Valadrion boss’s Weapons

1. Valadrion’s Xyston (Legendary Spear)

Valadrion's Xyston
Valadrion’s Xyston (Legendary Spear)

This spear focuses on thrusting attacks, making it less effective for regular slashing. However, a fully charged attack throws a javelin that explodes into a fiery barrage upon impact.

2. Valadrion’s Ballista (Legendary Crossbow)

Valadrion's Ballista
Valadrion’s Ballista (Legendary Crossbow)

This crossbow is a rapid-fire weapon, unleashing explosive arrows in regular attacks. Its charged attack unleashes a devastating hail of fireballs, perfect for clearing out groups of enemies.

3. Valadrion’s Greatbow (Legendary Bow)

Valadrion's Greatbow
Valadrion’s Greatbow (Legendary Bow)

This bow fires normal arrows in regular attacks, but its charged attack is where it shines. It creates a large energy sphere accompanied by smaller spheres, dealing significant damage in a wide area.

4. Valadrion’s Dory & Aspis (Legendary Spear & Shield)

Valadrion's Dory & Aspis
Valadrion’s Dory & Aspis (Legendary Spear & Shield)

This spear and shield combo excels at both offense and defense. Regular attacks thrust forward, damaging enemies behind the target. The fully charged attack creates a powerful beam of light that charges towards the enemy, generating rotating beams of light for additional damage.

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The legendary weapons of the Valadrion boss offer diverse combat options to suit different playstyles. With their own unique strengths and weaknesses, these weapons can be powerful tools in the right hands. Just remember to factor in the Spirit of the Valadrion’s double-edged sword effect before diving into the fight.

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1. What are the best times to obtain Valadrion’s legendary weapons?

  • The best times to obtain Valadrion’s legendary weapons are between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Beijing time.

2. How does the Spirit of the Valadrion work?

  • The Spirit of the Valadrion is a fate-bound effect that boosts your combat abilities when surrounded by enemies for 10 seconds. However, after the effect wears off, your combat abilities are reduced for 6 seconds.
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3. Are there any specific playstyles suited for each weapon?

  • Yes, each weapon caters to different playstyles. For example, Valadrion’s Ballista is ideal for players who prefer ranged and rapid-fire attacks, while Valadrion’s Dory & Aspis is suitable for those who enjoy a balance of offense and defense.

4. How can players maximize the effectiveness of Valadrion’s legendary weapons?

  • Players can maximize the effectiveness of these weapons by understanding their unique abilities and incorporating them into their combat strategies. Additionally, timing the activation of the Spirit of the Valadrion can enhance their combat capabilities during crucial moments.

5. Can these weapons be upgraded or customized further?

  • As of now, there are no known methods to upgrade or customize Valadrion’s legendary weapons further. However, players can experiment with different tactics and combinations to optimize their performance in battle.

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