The Wildwalker Class and Soulkeeper Class End Game Build Guide | Soul Knight prequel

End Game Build Guide
Wildwalker Class and Soulkeeper Class Build Guide

This guide equips you to dominate the battlefield with two powerhouse classes in Soul Knight Prequel: the Wildwalker and the Soulkeeper.

The Wildwalker Class Guide

The Wildwalker is a powerful Union class that combines the strength of a warrior with the healing abilities of an herbalist.

Stat Points

Allocate all stat points to Strength to maximize damage and survivability.


Focus on the Whirlwind SL skill.

Fate Bounds

Backlash (3-piece): Doubles attacks
Blowout (3-piece): Increases melee attack and AOE skill range
Onslaught (2-piece Hex variation): Increases damage over time
Strength (3-piece): Boosts health and damage

Weapons and Gear

Wildwalker Class
Wildwalker Gear addition

Recommended Weapon: Colossal Zander of the Black Arch Knight
Armor Set: Black Arch Knight (3-piece)

Skill Point Allocation

Wildwalker Class
Wildwalker Skill Tree

Detailed skill point allocation in above image.

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Soulkeeper Class Guide


  • 2:1 ratio of strength to intelligence

Fate Bounds

  • Bounded Summons
  • Field Marshall
  • Concentration


Soulkeeper Class
Soulkeeper Gear addition
  • Twin Novi Fate Bound: Hex variation
  • Echo Casting Threepiece

Boss Armor Sets:

  • Three-piece Arch wizard set (for intelligence stats)
  • Three-piece Great River snail (for strength stats)

Weapon: Diary of the Alpha Yeti


Soulkeeper Class
Soulkeeper Skill tree

Main: Lunar Howl, Soulbond Curse, Oath of Vengeance, Sun Spear, and Chain Howl
Utility: Forti (Soulkeeper only), Chill Nova, Soulbond Chain, Soulbond Protection, and Soulbond Sacrifice


  • Soulkeeper class is similar to Shinobi and Heretic.
  • Soulkeeper heals by dealing damage.
  • There are no alternative weapons for the Soulkeeper class.


By following these comprehensive strategies, you’ll transform your Wildwalker and Soulkeeper into unstoppable forces in Soul Knight Prequel. Remember, practice and experimentation are key to mastering their unique playstyles.

Reference: Soulbomer (YouTube)

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1. How do I build a strong Wildwalker?

  • Max out Strength for both damage and staying alive. Focus on the Whirlwind SL skill and Black Arch Knight gear.
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2. What’s the Soulkeeper’s fighting style?

  • Similar to Shinobi or Heretic, they heal by dealing damage. They also use summoned creatures to fight alongside them.

3. What stats are important for a Soulkeeper?

  • Focus on a 2:1 ratio of Strength to Intelligence.

4. What Fate Bounds are good for a Soulkeeper?

  • Bounded Summons strengthens your summons, Field Marshall improves their control, Concentration boosts your magic, and Gear focuses on specific gear benefits.

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