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Zamaharibu Monster and Ouroboros Armor

Zamaharibu Monster
Zamaharibu Monster

The latest update for Skull and Bones, Season One – Week Two, has introduced a fearsome new enemy: the Zamaharibu Monster. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about this beast, including its characteristics, how to defeat it, and the rewards it offers in the form of crafting materials for the Ouroboros armor.

Zamaharibu Monster:

  • Existence: confirmed as the target of the “Jaws of Retribution” bounty introduced in the latest update.
  • Description: While details are scarce, the Zamaharibu appears to be a formidable sea monster.
  • Level: 11, making it a challenging opponent.
  • Location: Found through the bounty board at St. An.
  • Drops: monstrous scales and teeth, crucial ingredients for crafting the Ouroboros armor.
  • Behavior:
    • It makes a sudden move to attack ships, leaving it open to damage.
    • Can also launch surprise attacks from directly below, causing significant damage to unsuspecting players.
    • Overall, a violent opponent that requires teamwork and strategic use of weapons.
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Fighting the Zamaharibu:

  • Solo play is frustrated: The Zamaharibu’s strength and unpredictable attacks make it a difficult enemy for solo players. Teaming up is highly recommended for a smoother and more successful encounter.
  • Healing support is invaluable: Having a teammate equipped with healing mortars can significantly enhance your team’s survivability during the battle.
  • Weapon recommendations:
    • Avoid flame weapons: These seem to be ineffective against the Zamaharibu’s tough hide.
    • Consider the Spectral weapon: This weapon could provide more effective penetration of the monster’s defenses. (based on player observations).
    • Utilize the Zamzama 3: Although it may not be completely effective, it’s a weapon commonly used by players against the Zamaharibu.

Ouroboros Armor:

Zamaharibu Monster
Ouroboros Armor
  • Crafting: Requires monstrous scales and teeth obtained from the Zamaharibu monster, along with additional teeth from another monster encountered in a contract at The Lenitra Outpost.
  • Cost: 50 teeth from the Zamaharibu monster.
  • Gear Score: 400.
  • Perks:
    • Intended: Offers two beneficial effects – restoration of 100 severe damage every second and 15% of whole health while bracing.
    • Current: Unfortunately, the health restoration perk appears to be bugged and not functioning as intended.
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Additional Notes:

  • The update also introduces various new challenges, world events, and the return of the DMC Elite warship event, offering players a diverse range of activities to engage in.

This guide should equip you with the knowledge needed to face the Zamaharibu monster and potentially acquire the materials for the Ouroboros armor, while keeping in mind the current limitations of the armor set. Remember, teamwork and strategic choices are crucial for success against this challenging new enemy in Skull and Bones.

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1. Is bracing useless against the Zamaharibu?

  • No, bracing is not necessarily useless against the Zamaharibu. While it can provide some protection and mitigate damage

2. Can I take it down alone?

  • Not recommended. The Zamaharibu is tough, so team up for a smoother fight.
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3. What do I get for defeating it?

  • You’ll earn monstrous scales and teeth, used to craft the Ouroboros armor.

4. Can I fight the Zamaharibu multiple times in a day?

  • You can only pick up the “Jaws of Retribution” bounty once per day. However, you can still help others fight the Zamaharibu:
  • Join a friend or stranger’s fight: Look for players engaging the Zamaharibu in its spawn area and offer your assistance.
  • Repeat the battle: If you find a group willing to run the bounty multiple times, you can potentially defeat the Zamaharibu several times in a single day.

5. Any tips for fighting the Zamaharibu?

  • Consider using healing mortars and the Zamzama 3 weapon. Avoid flame weapons, as they seem ineffective.

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