Secret NPC Cards Collection Tips and Tricks to Win Card Battle | Soul Knight Prequel

Secret NPC Cards TimeTable and Tricks to Win Card Battle

NPC Cards
Soul Knight Prequel Secret NPC Cards Collection Tips and Tricks

It can be tricky to get all the special character cards in the Soul Knight Prequel . We’ll show you how, with some cool tips and a schedule so you don’t miss anything!

Unlocking NPC Cards

NPC Cards
Unlocking NPC Cards (Image Courtesy: SoulBomer, Youtube)

NPC cards play a crucial role in enhancing your gaming experience. From powerful weapons to unique armor sets, these cards hold the key to upgrading your character and gaining a competitive edge. However, not all NPCs are easily accessible. This guide aims to demystify the process, starting with the enigmatic character, Howard.

Howard’s Cards: A Step-by-Step Guide

Collection Tips
Howard’s Cards

Finding Howard in the Village

Locating Howard might prove challenging, but a stroll through the village, a peek inside stores, and even checking your house could lead you to this elusive NPC.

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Joining Howard’s Party

Once you’ve found Howard, engage in a conversation. He should join your party, setting the stage for the next steps.

Playing the Game and Defeating the Boss

Embark on a game, defeat the boss, and claim your rewards. Howard will approach you, granting you access to his coveted card.

Claiming Howard’s Card and Crafting Rewards

Check your crafting resources, and you should discover Howard’s weapon and armor set, ready for you to craft.

Tricks to Win a Card Battle (Up To 75%)

Tricks to Win a Card Battle

Preparation: Sandworn Card and More

Prepare a sandworn card, obtained from the boss of the arid sand map or by opening a pack. Add regular soldier, knight, or wizard cards to your deck for an extra edge.

Building Your Card Deck

Create a new character to farm cards infinitely, ensuring you won’t regret any losses. The diversity in your deck will be key to success.

The Algorithm for Card Battles

Follow a strategic algorithm: test rounds with weak cards, adapt to wins, draws, and losses, and leverage the strength of sandworn cards for a winning streak.

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NPC Appearance Times Table

NPC Appearance Times Table (Image Courtesy: TigerSoul, Youtube)

Refer to the timetable provided to know when each NPC appears. This ensures you never miss an opportunity to unlock new cards and enhance your gameplay.

Playing the Cards: Strategies for Success

Testing Rounds with Weak Cards

Card Battle
Testing Rounds with Weak Cards

In the initial matches, use weak cards to assess your opponent. If you lose, choose the right option; if you win or draw, choose the left.

Adapting to Wins, Draws, and Losses

Card Battle
Adapting to Wins, Draws, and Losses

Adjust your strategy based on your performance. If you draw twice, choose right; if you draw four times, choose left. Use sandworn cards in subsequent rounds for their strength.

Leveraging the Strength of Sandworn Cards

Card Battle
Leveraging the Strength of Sandworn Cards

Sandworn cards prove to be formidable in NPC card battles. Experiment with the suggested strategy, and you might find yourself winning consistently.

Note :- Learn from the experiences of fellow players and discover community-suggested tips to master the art of collecting NPC cards.

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Soul Knight Prequel gets even better with unique character cards! Find Howard’s rare card or conquer Trick’s difficult challenges to unlock new ways to play. These cards add variety and make the game more fun, but some things are still random. So keep experimenting, share your discoveries, and enjoy the unpredictable world of Soul Knight Prequel!

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1. Can I use the same strategy for unlocking all NPC cards?

While some strategies may apply universally, each NPC may have unique aspects to consider. Experimentation is key.

2. How often does Howard appear in the village?

Howard’s appearance varies, so consult the NPC Appearance Times Table for accurate information.

3. Are there alternative methods to increase my card win rate?

Players often share diverse strategies. Feel free to explore different approaches and share your findings.

4. Can I craft weapons and armor from other NPC cards?

Absolutely! Each NPC offers distinct crafting options once you obtain their card.

5. Is there a limit to the number of NPC cards I can collect?

There’s no set limit, so keep exploring, meeting NPCs, and expanding your card collection.

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