Best 13 Tips and Tricks You Should Know Before Playing | Soul Knight Prequel

13 Tips and Tricks

13 Tips and Tricks
Soul Knight Prequel Tips & Tricks

Today, we’ve got some game-changing tips and tricks for you that will not only save you from common mistakes but also elevate your gameplay to pro status, especially when the game is finally fixed. I’m here to guide you through the intricacies of Soul Knight Prequel, so let’s dive in.

Choosing Characters Wisely

1. Eight Characters Limit

13 Tips and Tricks
Eight Characters Limit

When crafting your ideal team, bear in mind the game’s limitation of a maximum of eight different characters. This restriction urges you to strategize and make your selections wisely.

2. Map Teleportation

13 Tips and Tricks
Map Teleportation

Use your map strategically to teleport to different locations in the Chili Village. While the distances might not be vast, this nifty trick will undoubtedly save you precious time during your adventures.

Character Management

3. Expanding Inventory

Character Management
Expanding Inventory

Unlock the third slot in your backpack early on, especially for your primary character. It provides additional space for essential items, enhancing your overall gameplay.

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4. Seamless Character Switching

Character Management
Seamless Character Switching

Effortlessly switch between characters without navigating back to the main menu. Simply enter your house and tap on the character you wish to swap to.

5. Equipment Sharing

Character Management
Equipment Sharing

Optimize your gameplay by leaving some equipment for your secondary characters in chests. This allows you to focus on your main account, strengthening it and redistributing loot as needed.

Battle Strategies

6. Bag Management

Battle Strategies
Bag Management

Before engaging in battle, ensure your bag is empty. This ensures you can pick up all available loot during your adventures. Don’t forget to sell or dismantle useless items to maximize your gains.

7. Skill Placement

Battle Strategies
Skill Placement

Strategically organize your skills by placing offensive skills in your primary set and buff skills in the secondary set. This setup is particularly advantageous for low-level players. Keep a healing potion in your primary set for added survivability.

In-Game Efficiency

8. Engineer’s Arsenal

13 Tips and Tricks
Engineer’s Arsenal

Regularly check in with the engineer, as he stores any weapons you might have missed during your adventures. Act quickly, as weapons left unclaimed are destroyed at the end of the day.

9. Skill and Stat Resets

13 Tips and Tricks
Skill and Stat Resets

Don’t fret if you allocate skill points incorrectly. Soul Knight allows you to reset both skill and stat points, offering a chance to refine your character’s abilities.

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10. World Map Gate Access

13 Tips and Tricks
World Map Gate Access

Discover a cool detail—enter the map through the Chili Village Gate for added convenience and efficiency.

Dungeon Exploration

11. Mini Map Manipulation

Dungeon Exploration
Mini Map Manipulation

Zoom in and out of your mini-map while exploring dungeons. This feature enhances your awareness and strategic planning during intense dungeon battles.

Equipment Optimization

12. Fate-Bound Set Advantage

13 Tips and Tricks
Fate-Bound Set Advantage

Align your equipment in the same fate-bound set for enhanced buffs, especially beneficial for beginners. Choose the set that complements your playstyle and maximizes your strengths.

Unique Storage Solutions

13. Item Placement

13 Tips and Tricks
Item Placement

Explore alternative storage options by placing items in specific locations rather than relying solely on your chest. This adds a layer of organization to your inventory management.


Thank you for joining me in unraveling these Soul Knight mysteries. By incorporating these tips into your gameplay, you’re sure to witness a remarkable transformation. Now, go out there and conquer the dungeons with newfound wisdom.

I hope this article was helpful for you guys, and if I get more information, I will upload a new article. If I forgot something, please let me know in the comment section or contact us. Please support the Tech_DIY team by sharing this article.


1. How do I choose the best characters for my team?

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Consider the eight-character limit and strategize your team composition wisely. Factor in each character’s abilities and playstyles for optimal synergy.

2. How can I teleport using the map in Chili Village?

Open the map and strategically choose locations for teleportation within Chili Village, saving valuable time during your adventures.

3. How do I expand my inventory in Soul Knight?

Unlock the third slot in your backpack early on, especially for your primary character. This provides additional space for essential items.

4. Can I switch characters seamlessly during gameplay?

Yes, enter your house and tap on the character you want to switch to, avoiding the need to navigate back to the main menu.

5. How can I optimize character equipment in Soul Knight?

Leave equipment for secondary characters in chests to focus on strengthening your main account. This allows for efficient loot distribution.

6. Why should I empty my bag before battles?

Ensure your bag is empty before battles to pick up all available loot. Sell or dismantle useless items to maximize gains.

7. What’s the advantage of organizing skills in primary and secondary sets?

Strategically organize offensive skills in the primary set and buff skills in the secondary set for an advantageous setup, especially for low-level players.

8. How do I make the most of the Engineer’s Arsenal?

Regularly check in with the engineer to claim weapons missed during adventures. Act quickly, as unclaimed weapons are destroyed at the end of the day.

9. Can I reset skill and stat points in Soul Knight?

Yes, don’t worry about allocating points incorrectly. Soul Knight allows you to reset both skill and stat points for refining your character’s abilities.

10. What’s the significance of entering the map through the Chili Village Gate?

Entering through the Chili Village Gate adds convenience and efficiency to your gameplay.

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