Skill Power and Skill Power Modifier in The First Descendant: A Complete Guide

Skill Power Modifier
Skill Power and Skill Power Modifier

Skill Power and Skill Power Modifier

This topic explains the differences between Skill Power and Skill Power Modifier in The First Descendant. You need to know differences between them for improving character builds and increasing damage output.

Skill Power

Skill Power
Skill Power (IMG Via Z00ko YT)

Skill Power boosts the damage of a specific type of skill by a percentage. For example, if you have an electric skill power move with +21% Electric Skill Power, it means any electric skill you have will get a 21% increase in its damage. This applies to skills that have specific labels like electric, fusion, or singular.

Skill Power Modifier

Skill Power Modifier
Skill Power Modifier (IMG Via Z00ko YT)

Skill Power Modifier adds a flat value to your skill power. For example, if your skill power is 500 and you have a modifier of 44, your new skill power will be 544. This modifier has a greater impact on lower base numbers, giving a significant boost to damage. However, it has diminishing returns on higher base numbers.

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Comparison and Calculation

Skill Power increases damage by a percentage of the base skill power. In contrast, Skill Power Modifier directly adds a value to the base skill power. For example, if you have 50 base skill power and add 44 through a modifier, it nearly doubles the power. On the other hand, if you have 500 base skill power, adding 44 represents a smaller relative increase.

Practical Examples

If a skill has a base power of 53 and you add 44 via a modifier, it becomes 97, nearly doubling the damage. Adding a percentage boost (Skill Power) on top of this can lead to very high damage outputs. Combining these boosts strategically can result in extremely high DPS.


Low base skill power benefits more from Skill Power Modifier, while high base skill power benefits more from Skill Power percentage boosts. Knowing these mechanics allows players to refine their builds for maximum damage.

Additional Notes

Skill Power Modifier is calculated first, followed by Skill Power percentage boosts. Different skills and characters will benefit differently based on their inherent skill power and the modifiers applied. Players need to test and analyze their builds to achieve optimal performance.

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Character and Skill Examples

The character Bunny benefits significantly from knowing these mechanics, especially with electric skills like Lightning Emission and Electrocution. Properly managing Skill Power and Skill Power Modifier can lead to highly efficient and powerful builds, making characters more effective in combat.

By knowing and using these concepts, players can significantly enhance their gameplay experience in The First Descendant, achieving higher DPS and more efficient builds.

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