Barbarian DPS Build in Tarisland: Detailed Guide

Barbarian DPS Build
Barbarian DPS Build in Tarisland

Barbarian DPS Build

This guide offers a detailed look at a Barbarian DPS build in Tarisland, focusing on damage output, cooldown management, and gear and skill optimization for superior performance.

Character Details

In Tarisland, a Berserker focusing on the DPS lane needs a balance of strength, stamina, and attack stats. This build prioritizes:

  • Strength: 2,227
  • Stamina: 3,600
  • Attack: 400
  • Gear Score: 90

The main strategy uses combos to deal significant damage while maintaining survivability.

Skill Choices

The skills chosen for this build are crucial. Here’s a detailed look at each skill and its role:

1. Wild Frenzy: High-damage skill that boosts attack speed.

2. Wild Strike: Core skill for combos, triggers multiple effects.

3. Contest: Powerful attack with crowd control.

4. Earthquake: Deals area-of-effect damage and applies debuffs.

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5. Thunder: Burst damage skill with added electrical damage.

6. Axe Tearing: Inflicts bleeding damage over time.

7. Wound Achilles: Reduces enemy mobility, increasing damage taken.

8. Zealous Throw: Ranged attack to maintain pressure from a distance.

9. Potential Unleash: Short-term boost to overall damage.

10. Thunder Axe: Combines physical and electrical damage.

11. Cruelty: Increases critical hit chances.

12. Energy Overflow: Minor boost due to limited skill points.

Ultimate Skills

The ultimate skills enhance deceleration effects, crucial for increasing damage:

  • Leap: Allows quick repositioning and stuns enemies.
  • Thunder Shock: Applies an electrical debuff, amplifying damage.
  • Vate Vulner: Increases damage through deceleration.

Strategy and Rotation

Effective skill rotation is essential for dealing maximum damage. The main combo involves spamming Wild Strike, which triggers other skills. Earthquake, Cyclone, and Blood Lust are used manually. The recommended rotation is:

1. Blood Lust: Increases attack power.

2. Earthquake: Applies area damage and debuffs.

3. Wild Strike: Main combo skill.

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4. Leap: Reposition and stun enemies.

5. Thunder Shock: Apply electrical debuff.

6. Vate Vulner: Enhance deceleration.

7. Earthquake: Reapply debuffs.

This rotation ensures continuous debuffs and maximum damage output.

Gear and Equipment

Focus on increasing strength across all gear slots to boost attack power. Stamina is also important for survivability. Use tier two runes to further increase damage. Equipment tampering allows for additional improvements, which are crucial for high-level content.

Passives and Inscribed Stone

Passives that increase damage from deceleration effects are key. The important passives are:

  • Time Control: Helps with cooldown management.
  • Slow Suppression: Increases damage against slowed enemies.
  • Deadly Strike: Boosts critical hit damage.

For the inscribed stone, prioritize attributes that enhance combo cooldown reduction and main attributes like strength. Key node stats include:

  • 50% lower right
  • 50% upper right
  • 50% upper left
  • Emblem Skill level +1

These attributes ensure reduced cooldowns and increased damage potential.

Additional Tips

1. Optimize Gear Regularly: Continuously improve and tamper gear for maximum performance.

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2. Maximize Runes: Use the best available runes to boost key stats.

3. Practice Skill Rotation: Familiarize yourself with the skill rotation to ensure seamless execution during battles.

4. Monitor Cooldowns: Keep an eye on skill cooldowns to maintain a steady flow of attacks.

5. Adjust Passives: Experiment with different passive combinations to find the most effective setup for your playstyle.

This Barbarian DPS build balances high damage output with effective cooldown management, providing a solid foundation for excelling in Tarisland. By optimizing gear, mastering skill rotation, and focusing on deceleration effects, players can achieve superior performance with this guide.

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