How to Farm Conductive Metallic Foil in The First Descendant, Location Guide

Conductive Metallic Foil
Conductive Metallic Foil in The First Descendant

Conductive Metallic Foil in The First Descendant

Farming conductive metallic foil in The First Descendant is important, because you need it to create Energy activators. These activators are required for leveling up your character, which is necessary to tackle the game’s hard mode activities. Here’s a detailed guide to help you efficiently farm this valuable resource.

Step-by-Step Guide For Farming Conductive Metallic Foil

Conductive Metallic Foil For Energy activators

1. Go to Vespers

Conductive metallic foil can be found in encrypted boxes on the Vespers planet. These boxes spawn in specific locations that you can farm repeatedly. On Vespers, there are two or three known spots where encrypted boxes spawn consistently. Use fast travel to reach these spots to begin your farming run.

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Collect Code Analyzers

To open encrypted boxes, you will need code analyzers. These can be farmed during regular gameplay by opening other boxes and defeating enemies. If you’ve played through the main missions, you should already have a good supply of them.

Finding Encrypted Storage Boxes

While on Vespers, look for holographic icons on the ground. These icons emit a beeping noise, indicating that you are close to an encrypted box. Listen carefully for this sound.

Cave and Waterfall Area Location Guide

The holographic icons indicate the presence of a box. Use the scan button to listen for the beeping noise, which will get louder as you get closer to the box.

The encrypted boxes can be found inside a cave or near a waterfall on Vespers. The difficulty of the puzzle to open them may vary. Be precise and patient to avoid destroying your keys.

If the box isn’t exactly where you expect it, explore the nearby area. They are typically found near the waterfall or inside the cave.

Resetting Box Locations

To reset the boxes, fast travel back to Albion before returning to Vespers. This ensures that the boxes will respawn. Simply fast traveling within Vespers won’t work.

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Collect Munitions Boxes

While heading to the cave, collect any munitions boxes you find. These provide additional resources that will be useful later. This allows you to multitask and farm efficiently.

Tips for Efficient Farming

The puzzles to open the boxes can be tricky, and there might be a slight delay when you pull the trigger. Take your time and be precise to avoid wasting keys.Collect resources like munitions boxes while you are farming the encrypted boxes. This dual approach saves time and prepares you for future crafting needs. Always return to Albion first before going back to Vespers to reset the chests. This method ensures you can farm continuously without unnecessary delays.

By following this guide, you can efficiently farm conductive metallic foil in The First Descendant. This will ensure you have enough energy activators to level up your character.

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