Best S Rank Bangboo to Pick in Zenless Zone Zero: Free Selector Guide

S Rank Bangboo
Best S Rank Bangboo to Pick in Zenless Zone Zero

Best S Rank Bangboo to Pick in Zenless Zone Zero

In Zenless Zone Zero, selecting the right S rank Bangboo can have a heavy impact on your gameplay. This guide will help you make a decision on which S-rank Bangboo to pick when you receive your free S-rank Bangboo selector.

How to Access the Free S-Rank Bangboo Selector

S Rank Bangboo
Boopon (IMG Via EDOGamer – Zenless Zone Zero yt)

To access the free S-rank Bangboo selector, you need to play the game for approximately 5 to 6 hours, if you skip all the story elements. After this, a special pool coupon called Boopon will become available. This coupon allows you to select one S-rank Bangboo for free.

Importance of the First S-Rank Bangboo

Choosing the right S-rank Bangboo is important as these units provide significant stat boosts, often surpassing four-star units even at base value. Each S-rank Bangboo comes with unique abilities and requirements that can influence your overall strategy and team composition.

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Best S-Rank Bangboo Choices

Butler Bangboo

S Rank Bangboo
Butler Bangboo (IMG Via EDOGamer – Zenless Zone Zero yt)

Butler Bangboo is considered the best Bangboo due to its generic energy generation for any agent on the field. When you have two Victoria housekeeping units, the butler Bangboo generates 20% more energy. This makes it a versatile choice for various team compositions. This Bangboo is especially effective with teams involving Ellen, Lycaon, Rina, and Corin. Its flexibility makes it a reliable choice for many players.

SharkBoo Bangboo

S Rank Bangboo
SharkBoo Bangboo (IMG Via EDOGamer – Zenless Zone Zero yt)

SharkBoo specializes in ice attributes, making it a strong choice for teams built around ice abilities. While powerful, its utility can be limited if the meta shifts away from ice-focused strategies. It’s best suited for players committed to an ice attribute team.

Safety Bangboo

S Rank Bangboo
Safety Bangboo (IMG Via EDOGamer – Zenless Zone Zero yt)

Safety Bangboo excels in combat with its strong damage output and interruption capabilities. It can distract smaller monsters and bosses effectively. It’s best for players with Grace or those looking for a Bangboo that enhances physical damage.

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Amillion Bangboo

S Rank Bangboo
Amillion Bangboo (IMG Via EDOGamer – Zenless Zone Zero yt)

Amillion Bangboo is a potent physical damage dealer, making it an excellent choice for teams focusing on physical attacks. It deals massive physical damage through chain attacks, adding significant value to your combat strategy.

General Recommendation

If you are unsure which S-rank Bangboo to pick, the butler Bangboo is the most generic and versatile option. It provides valuable energy generation and can fit into a wide variety of team compositions. Given that everyone receives one Corin for free, activating the butler Bangboo’s effect is straightforward.

It’s important to consider that new characters and updates may introduce additional Bangboos. The butler Bangboo remains a reliable choice due to its energy restoration abilities, which will likely remain valuable regardless of future changes.

A-Rank Bangboo Suggestion

While not an S-rank, A-rank Bangboo is also highly effective, offering HP recovery, shielding, and energy restoration. It’s easy to activate with a support character like the free Nicole, making it a valuable addition to many teams. Despite being an A-rank, it provides significant benefits and should not be overlooked.

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Choosing the right S-rank Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. The butler Bangboo is the most versatile and reliable choice, especially for new players. However, depending on your team composition and strategy, other Bangoos like Sharkboo, Safety, and Amillion Bangboo may also be suitable. Keep future updates in mind.

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