How to Use Egg Vouchers in Pokerogue, Types of Vouchers and Tips

Egg Vouchers in Pokerogue
Egg Vouchers in Pokerogue

Egg Vouchers in Pokerogue

Egg Vouchers are important in Pokerogue, allowing players to unlock many different in-game rewards, including rare and legendary Pokémon. This guide will cover how to use Egg Vouchers, the different types available, and strategies for obtaining them to enhance your gameplay.

How to Use Egg Vouchers

In Pokerogue, vouchers are special items used to draw eggs from the gacha system, which can contain rare Pokémon, including legendaries and shinies. There are four types of vouchers: Common, Voucher Plus, Voucher Premium, and Voucher Gold.

Types of Vouchers

1. Common Vouchers

Availability: Easily obtained in any game mode.

Use: Exchanged for one egg in the gacha system. Redeeming 10 at once guarantees at least one rare egg.

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Earning Methods: Available in the reward shop, defeating gym leaders and the Elite Four in classic mode.

2. Voucher Plus

Availability: A step above Common Vouchers, providing five eggs per pull.

Use: Redeeming them yields more significant rewards.

Earning Methods: Available in the reward shop, defeating new gym leaders and the Elite Four for the first time, using new starters to beat the game, and completing Paradox battles in endless mode.

3. Voucher Premium

Availability: Offers 10 pulls with each guaranteeing a rare egg.

Use: Provides higher chances of obtaining rare Pokémon.

Earning Methods: Available in the reward shop, first-time victories over champion battles, subsequent completions of classic mode, completion of the etern run in endless mode, and daily runs.

4. Voucher Gold

Availability: The rarest and most valuable, offering 25 eggs per pull and guaranteeing at least one epic egg.

Use: Provides the highest chances of obtaining rare and epic Pokémon.

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Earning Methods: Obtained through the first completion of classic mode and occasionally rewarded by developers for community milestones.

Tips for Beginners

Classic Mode: Focus on catching new Pokémon with better egg moves to improve your chances. Defeat new gym leaders and Elite Four members for Voucher Plus. Use these vouchers to pull for rare Pokémon and work towards beating the champion for Voucher Premium.

Daily Runs: Effective for earning vouchers quickly. They are short and provide a consistent source of Voucher Premium. Various guides on YouTube can help with daily runs.

Strategies for Mid-Level Players

Endless Mode: Focus on building a team capable of reaching floor 2000. Most Voucher Plus will come from the reward shop. Utilize shiny Pokémon to increase your odds. Start a new run with a better team if battles become too slow.

Advanced Strategies

Max Luck: Start each run with max luck and clear floors, selecting all Voucher Plus at reward screens. Enduring tokens will limit progress, but a well-structured team can reach floor 3000. Earn an average of 200 Voucher Plus per run. Decide whether to restart or continue based on the effectiveness of your main carry Pokémon.

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Understanding how to use and obtain Egg Vouchers in Pokerogue is crucial for progressing in the game. By following these strategies, players can maximize their voucher earnings and unlock rare Pokémon to enhance their gameplay experience.

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