Divine Punishment Research Request and Blueprint Location Guide for The First Descendant

Divine Punishment Research Request
Divine Punishment Research Request Guide

Divine Punishment Research Request Guide

In this guide, we’ll help you how to complete the Divine Punishment research request in The First Descendant. This quest requires you to research a legendary weapon, which involves a many complicated steps and a significant amount of random number generation.

Required Materials

Divine Punishment Research Request
Required Materials (IMG Via Gamers Heroes YT)

To start the Divine Punishment quest, you’ll need several different materials. The first one you will get at the beginning of the quest, but you’ll need to find the rest on your own. We’ll guide you through each step to find these materials.

Nano Tube Blueprint

Blueprint Location
Echo Swamp: Amorphous Material Pattern 022 (IMG Via Gamers Heroes YT)

The first material you’ll need is the Nano Tube blueprint. To get this blueprint, you must obtain the Amorphous Material Pattern 022. Go to Echo Swamp and complete the mission there. This mission has a 100% drop rate for the pattern, so you’ll only need to complete it once. After obtaining the pattern, take it into the Dead Bride fight. Beat the Dead Bride, and at the end of the fight, open the box to get the Nano Tube blueprint.

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Synthetic Fiber

Blueprint Location
Sterile Land: Amorphous Material Pattern 010 (IMG Via Gamers Heroes YT)

Next, you’ll need the Synthetic Fiber, which requires the Amorphous Material Pattern 010. To find this pattern, head to the Sterile Land and complete the Unknown Laboratory mission. Like the previous mission, this one also has a 100% drop rate, so you only need to complete it once. After obtaining the pattern, take it into the Stunning Beauty fight. Beat the Stunning Beauty, and open the chest at the end of the fight to get the Synthetic Fiber.

Divine Blueprint

Blueprint Location
Vespers: Amorphous Material Pattern 014 (IMG Via Gamers Heroes YT)

The final blueprint you’ll need is the Divine Blueprint, which requires the Amorphous Material Pattern 014. This pattern is the most challenging to obtain, as it does not have a 100% drop rate. The Divine Blueprint can be found in The Vespers. There’s a specific mission in this area that has about a 20% drop rate for the pattern. If you can complete the mission stealthily, you have an additional 5 to 20% chance of obtaining the pattern. However, stealthing the mission can be quite challenging.

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Additional Items

Other than to the blueprints, you’ll need a many other items that are relatively easy to obtain. If you’ve been exploring the game world instead of rushing through it, you likely already have many of these items. If you’re missing any, go to the Divine Punishment section in the weapons menu and inspect where to find them. Most of these items can be found by using your area sense to highlight crates and boxes around the world. Destroy these crates and boxes to collect the necessary items. While this involves a lot of running around and busy work, it’s straightforward and quick once you know where to look.

Completing the Divine Punishment research request in The First Descendant is a complex process that involves farming missions, battling bosses, and gathering items from the game world. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to complete the quest efficiently.

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